PRISTINE MASONRY is a very competitive contractor  in the masonry industry. Prices are reflected based on the type of work, location, quantity and masonry material used. Below are some examples of price comparisons:

-More affordable to reface an old brick fireplace then a rock fireplace: we can cover the old brick with a standard metal lath before the new stone install whereas old rock likely has to be remove before installing lath because of the unevenness.

-More affordable to use a manufactured masonry stone versus a natural stone: the ease of working with the manufactured stone (cuts faster, lighter, and is manufactured in various sizes to aid in the install)

-Exterior masonry installations per square foot are usually more affordable then interior installations of the same material: interior work requires floors and furniture to be covered. The  time to make cuts is increased due to saws being kept outside and the cleanup takes longer.

-If exterior masonry work is requested to be done in the winter, costs for hoarding and heating will be added to the price.

-Large tiles versus small tiles: installing larger tiles takes more time and skill 

-It is less per square foot on large areas.



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